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Data & insights for safe and secure satellite operations.

Safety. Security. Sustainability.

Space domain awareness is crucial for ensuring the safety, security, and sustainability of activities in space. Our network of ground-based telescopes plays a vital role in enhancing our understanding of the space environment by tracking and monitoring objects orbiting Earth, including satellites, debris, and potential threats.

We provide valuable data on the positions, trajectories, and characteristics of space objects, enabling early detection of anomalies, rapid response to emerging threats, and informed decision-making for space missions and operations. With ever-increasing dynamic operations in space, our unparalleled persistence, precision, and proven capabilities can safeguard space assets, enhance spaceflight safety, and preserve the long-term viability of the space environment.

Our sensor network.

The ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network (EGTN) represents a pioneering effort in advancing space domain awareness. Through a distributed network of 300-plus autonomous telescopes strategically positioned around the world, we harness the power of our state-of-the art image processing technology, providing real-time astrometric and photometric data for high-altitude, earth-orbiting satellites and debris. Presently, the EGTN stands as the world’s largest commercial optical telescope network, enabling mission-critical capabilities that meet the diverse needs of defense, intelligence, and commercial satellite operators.

ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network (EGTN)

Persistence is the key to spacepower.

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Precision ephemeris and safety of flight services for GEO satellite operations.