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Space Domain Awareness

With the first and largest commercial sensor network on the planet, Exo provides unparalleled solutions for a secure, safe, and sustainable space operational environment

We deliver high-quality, real-time space object monitoring and tracking data for 24/7/365 mission support

Space Domain Awareness (SDA)–the ability to monitor, understand and predict natural and man-made objects in orbit around the Earth–is more important than ever. In response to current and emerging threats in the space domain, we fielded the world’s first and largest commercial sensor network consisting of 300+ sensors operating at 30+ observatories globally, to help preserve critical capabilities and the space environment. Our SDA solutions are trusted by the US government, allied nations, and commercial satellite owners and operators worldwide.

  • Full GEO, HEO, MEO orbit coverage
  • On-demand LEO coverage
  • 99% sensor availability worldwide
  • Industry-leading image processing
  • Fully-automated operations
  • Dim object detection capabilities

Our commercial SDA solutions


Full GEO belt monitoring with real-time astrometric and photometric observation data based on data subscription level.


GEO space object activity reports, including maneuver alerts, photometric change detection, neighborhood watch, and more.


Orbits from our operational GEO catalog, including new object, lost object, cross-tag, conjunction warning lists, and more.


List-based or dynamic machine-to-machine tasking of dedicated telescopes and delivery of collection data.


Bulk historical astrometric and photometric measurement data and image chips from our vast observation data archive.


Turnkey, integrated sensor systems, including image processing, installation, training, and sustainment.


Enterprise software licenses for real-time sensor tasking, image processing, and data analysis, including ESpOC and ExoMaps.


Algorithm testbed using our sensor-level or sensor fusion processing chains to generate obs data and other results.


Subject Matter Expert (SME) analysis and training support or event support, including sensor tasking, data, and analysis.