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We offer robust commercial solutions for space superiority and deep space operations. 

The space domain is the framework for the United States' economic, political, technological, and military national power. With our 100% privately funded sensor network, we provide ubiquitous, automated, real-time space domain awareness for space superiority; decisive advantage in cross-domain warfare; and, the defense of the full range of national interests in space.

Our telescope network enables persistent high-altitude SDA

Space Domain Awareness (SDA)–the ability to monitor, understand and predict natural and man-made objects in orbit around the Earth–is more important than ever. In response to the current and emerging threats, we fielded the world’s largest SDA sensor network consisting of 300+ sensors operating at 30+ observatories globally.

Our telescopes regularly detect, track, and correlate objects in geosynchronous Earth orbits (GEO), highly elliptical orbits (HEO), and medium Earth orbits (MEO). The network passively collects both angles and brightness measurements (RA/DEC and apparent magnitude) that can be provided in commercial bulk or as part of a focused service.

We deliver vast quantities of high-quality obs data in real-time

The ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network collects more than 10 million measurements per month of man-made satellites and debris. Our sensors collect angular astrometric (RA and DEC) and photometric visual magnitude measurements. Customers who seek to maintain a catalog or keep an eye on their high-value assets rely on us to provide the highest quality data in the world on-demand.

We offer real-time obs data subscriptions and access to historical archives

We offer tiered Obs Data Subscriptions that cover the entire GEO belt and provide real-time measurements from a dedicated portion of the EGTN. Subscriptions include persistent obs collections from our staring fence for parts of the belt, depending on the subscription level.  In addition to obs data subscriptions, we offer nightly and monthly telescope tasking services, as well as bulk historical obs data from our vast data archive.


Real-time, full-sky, common operating picture.

Our sensor network is powered by the ExoAnalytic Space Operations Center (ESpOC) software suite. The ESpOC command center enables remote command and control of all ExoAnalytic sensors, automatically integrates and fuses data from multiple sensors in real-time, and overlays all collected data in real-time on a full-sky common operational picture.

Common operating picture.
Real-time live-over-sim visualization of orbits and sensor fields of view.

Command and control of sensor network.

Machine-to-machine dynamic tasking.

Observatory selected for tasking.
Real-time imagery displayed within the tasked telescope field of view.

Live videos feeds.

Automated image processing and object detections.

Live video feed.
Automated image processing and object detections.

High fidelity position estimation.

Calibrated light curve estimation.

High-fidelity position estimation and calibrated light curve extraction.





ExoMaps is a browsable analyst interface to our historical and near-real time data archive. ExoMaps includes a user-friendly high-fidelity orbit determination module, and it provides analyst views for pattern of life, maneuver characterization, and light curve signature analysis. Its integrated alert management system displays maneuver and photometric alerts as new data arrives.

Longitude over Time
Latitude / Longitude
Distance over Time
Light Curves
Cluster of geostationary satellites flying in formation
Geostationary satellites flying in formation
Relocating satellite
Dead satellites and other debris in graveyard orbit
Geostationary satellite
Geostationary satellite

We maintain the most up-to-date and complete space object catalog for GEO

We maintain a unique, robust, and independent catalog of satellites and debris for high-altitude space regimes, including MEO, GEO, HEO, and Cislunar, based on observation data from the ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network.

Correlation and UCT Processing

Our powerful catalog tools autonomously correlate known tracked objects to objects in our database. For unknown objects, we perform an initial orbit determination and maintain the objects as uncorrelated tracks (UCTs).

Orbit Determination

Our industry-leading orbit determination tool provides high-fidelity orbits validated against WAAS satellite truth orbits with <10m error near GEO, and has been used to discover momentum impulse changes as small as ~1mm/s.


Our space catalog alert module produces important automated information and reports on new space objects discovered, lost objects, cross-tagged objects, conjunction warnings, and other timely monitoring alerts.

We provide multi-tiered analysis capabilities with adaptive, tailored intelligence reporting and overwatch for 24/7/365 mission support

Our products and services provide operational- and decision-advantage and force multiplication to foundational intelligence, OPINTEL, indications and warning (I&W), and strategic intelligence missions. Our ESpOC Report is an analysis product that summarizes the observed behaviors of US, commercial, and foreign satellites, along with debris objects, in or near the GEO belt, including the following:

  • New objects
  • Missing objects
  • Objects that maneuver greater than normal station-keeping
  • Objects that leave their slot and are now relocating
  • Objects that move into graveyard orbit
  • Objects that start or stop tumbling
  • Objects that become much brighter or dimmer than their historical signature
  • Objects that approached another object

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