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Innovative technologies for warfighter mission success.

We are the leader in real-time focal plane processing.

Detecting a threat requires real-time processing of the sensor focal plane. We are a leader in algorithm development for processing real-time images from visible and infrared CCD sensors. Our algorithms provide end-to-end processing of raw frames, yielding positional and brightness data for objects in the scene while filtering out unwanted observations from stars, debris, clouds, etc. This filtering enables our advanced processing algorithms to estimate object positions with sub-pixel precision.

Our algorithms enable accurate tracking of missiles.

Our advanced algorithms convert threat target detections from radar and optical sensors into integrated system tracks. These tracks allow the missile defense system to predict where targets will be in the future and enable downstream discrimination algorithms to determine which of the tracked objects need to be intercepted. This critical capability is required for mission success.

Our AI/ML technologies enable tracking of highly maneuverable threats.

12 State Kalman Filter

Traditional methods of tracking fail to estimate and predict sudden state changes, such as the rapid accelerations capable of advanced missile threats.

Algorithm Performance Comparison

Deep Neural Network

With our DNN solution, rapid accelerations are captured and contained within the covariance estimate significantly more often than traditional methods.

We enable interceptors to make smart decisions.

During a missile defense engagement, most tracked objects are non-threatening (e.g. debris, fuel tanks, hardware, etc.) and should be treated differently than hostile objects. We develop advanced algorithms which rapidly and autonomously determine the nature of each object and decide which object(s) to intercept. This process, called discrimination, is perhaps the most critical function of the missile defense system aside from tracking.

Our technologies optimize integrated sensor and weapon system performance.

We understand the end-to-end command, control, battle management, and communications (C2BMC) processes required for mission success. Our cutting-edge algorithms for sensor management and weapon allocation enable optimal C2BMC operations.