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September 2, 2022

Press Release: Air Force Blue Horizons Fellowship Partners with ExoAnalytic to Collect Data on the Artemis I launch

ExoAnalytic Solutions is eagerly anticipating America’s return to the Moon via Artemis.  As part of our support to the Air Force Blue Horizons Fellowship program and their Project Rocket cislunar…
July 19, 2022

Commercial Space Industry Providing Tools To Advance and Augment Space Domain Awareness Visualization and Analytics

The U.S. government employs an array of software visualization tools across multiple space domain awareness (SDA) mission areas. These tools, which support catalog maintenance, orbit modeling, and projection assessments, are…
April 8, 2022

Boeing, ExoAnalytic team to offer Australian-operated, ready-to-go Space Domain Awareness system

Boeing Australia and ExoAnalytic have joined forces to offer the Australian Government a fully operational Space Domain Awareness capability which is ready to deploy immediately, and to be operated by…
April 4, 2022

Press Release: ExoAnalytic Demonstrates Value-Added Service to Provide Direct Support to First Successful On-Orbit Servicing in Geosynchronous Orbit

New CONFERS Sustaining Member ExoAnalytic Solutions Inc. was contracted to provide space domain awareness data and analysis to support the successful Mission Extension Vehicles (MEV-1 and MEV-2). The first mission…
February 2, 2022

Chinese ‘space cleaner’ spotted grabbing and throwing away old satellite

Last month, a private satellite tracking company spotted a Chinese spacecraft apparently grabbing and throwing a dead satellite away into a "graveyard" orbit.
February 1, 2022

A Chinese Space Tug Just Grappled a Dead Satellite

A Chinese satellite pulled a defunct navigation satellite out of the way of other satellites on January 22nd. The satellite, called SJ-21, appeared to operate as a space tug when…
January 27, 2022

China’s Shijian-21 towed dead satellite to a high graveyard orbit

China’s Shijian-21 space debris mitigation satellite has docked with a defunct Chinese satellite to drastically alter its geostationary orbit, demonstrating capabilities only previously exhibited by the United States.
January 26, 2022

China’s SJ-21 ‘tugs’ dead satellite out of GEO belt: Trackers

China’s SJ-21 satellite now “appears to be functioning as a space tug,” pulling a dead CompassG2, or Beidou, navigation satellite out of the way of other satellites operating in the…
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