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We deliver transformational digital engineering solutions for national security space systems.

Digital engineering and analysis plays a critical role in designing, developing, and operating military systems to meet mission needs. We have deep knowledge of the space warfighting domain, and offer powerful solutions for assessing advanced warfighting capabilities enabled by the space enterprise.

All models are wrong, but some are useful.

George E. P. BoxBritish statistician

Our modeling and simulation tools are used by the defense, space, and intelligence communities

We specialize in state-of-the-art modeling and simulation technology development to support military operations research, wargaming, effectiveness assessments, and requirements analysis for DoD systems. With our deep understanding of the space warfighting domain and our customer's missions, we design, develop, deploy, and support modern software solutions that enable mission success.


We work closely with stakeholders and end users, and articulate solutions to their challenges prior to developing any code.


We deliver and deploy our software solutions to a variety of computing environments and for use at multiple security levels.


We rapidly create a minimum viable product, then iterate with our customers to ensure needed capabilities are delivered.


We resolve any software issues quickly and extensively train end users to maximize proficiency with our technology solutions.

We develop future concepts for U.S. military spacepower

Space-based capabilities are integral to modern life and are an indispensable component of U.S. military power. Military spacepower achieves its greatest potential when combined with all other forms of military power. We develop space system concepts that integrate superior space capabilities into and throughout the Joint Force. Our rich experience in concept design and space enterprise architecting helps ensure the U.S. military advantage on the terrestrial battlefield and against threats in space. Our team of experts support:

  • Space systems acquisition
  • Concept development
  • Science and technology maturation
  • Space enterprise architecting
  • Systems engineering

We are experts in best-of-breed tools for military operations research

We have extensive experience leading studies and analyses to support U.S. defense and security. Our domain-specific subject matter experts, modeling and simulation specialists, and military operations professionals, work together using proven tools to provide decision-support to senior military and government officials. Our team is expert with engineering, engagement, mission, operational, and campaign analysis tools, such as:

  • STORM (campaign-level analysis)
  • SEAS (mission/operational analysis)
  • AFSIM (engagement/mission-level analysis)
  • SPySE (space engagement analysis)