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Navigate space with precision and confidence.

ExoTrack: cost-effective services for safe, reliable, and efficient GEO satellite operations.


Space is hard.

Operating a satellite in GEO without precise and timely orbital position information can lead to operational inefficiencies, communication interruptions, collision hazards, misallocated resources, and regulatory non-compliance.

Make it easier with ExoTrack.

Select the service level that best meets your mission needs.

Dashboard and Orbit Service

01. Get Orbits

Get daily precision orbits on your spacecraft, narrowing down position uncertainty to within a 100-meter margin, while also gaining access to our online dashboard for spacecraft management.

$1,000/month per satellite

Observation Service

02. Get Obs

Get comprehensive astrometric measurement data for your space missions with revisit rates averaging approximately every 2 hours throughout the night.

$3,000/month per satellite

Ephemerides Service

03. Get Ephemerides

Get current orbit, 10-day backward history and forward prediction of ephemerides, along with the optional capability to upload maneuver plans for optimal spacecraft operations management.

$2,500/month per satellite

Emphemerides+Conjunction Alert Service

04. Get Ephemerides+Alerts

Get the comprehensive features of our Ephemerides Service coupled with proactive conjunction alerts issued up to 10 days in advance, ensuring safety of flight for your satellite operations.

$4,500/month per satellite

“Through the use of the ExoTrack service, we have been able to complement our existing ground network in a highly agile and cost-effective manner to provide accurate and timely orbital determination solutions.”

Alex Cacioni
Director of Flight Dynamics

“The data provided by ExoAnalytic was invaluable to our guidance, navigation, and control team in both navigation position fixes as well as validating flight systems.”

Elevate your satellite operations.

Optimize Maneuver Planning

Minimize fuel consumption and maximize the efficiency of orbit maintenance maneuvers.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Improve efficiency in data transmission, payload utilization, and overall mission performance.

Improve Flight Safety

Accurately predict collision risks and confidently plan collision avoidance maneuvers.

Streamline Ranging Activities

Schedule ranging activities more efficiently and reduce time needed on costly ground infrastructure.

Simple integration. Immediate results.

ExoTrack is an API call away from integrating into operator tools. Get the information you need, when you need it. We will guide you through the simple process of making ExoTrack part of your operations.


Talk to our experts about the service needs for your satellite or fleet.


Work with our team to set up the ExoTrack API with your tools.


Perform operations with enhanced space situational awareness.