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ExoAnalytic Launches ExoTrack, an Advanced Service for Satellite Operations in GEO

Precision ephemeris and safety of flight service for geosynchronous orbit operations brings new levels of reliability and cost-effectiveness

March 19, 2024

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA – ExoAnalytic Solutions, a pioneer in commercial space domain awareness (SDA) solutions, today launched ExoTrack, a tracking service that brings unparalleled precision, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to operators of satellites in geosynchronous orbit (GEO).

Piloted and proven with select companies over the past year, ExoTrack informs satellite operators with what they need to know, when they need to know it.

ExoTrack leverages the ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network (EGTN) of over 300 ground based sensors to deliver updated orbits with uncertainties less than 100 meters. ExoTrack also significantly reduces reliance on costly antennas, while providing conjunction warnings up to three days in advance.

ExoTrack is an API call away from being integrated into operator tools. GEO operators that have worked with the service appreciate the value and quality of service.

“Through the use of the ExoTrack service, we have been able to complement our existing ground network in a highly agile and cost-effective manner to provide accurate and timely orbital determination solutions,” said Alex Cacioni, director of flight dynamics for Viasat, a global leader in satellite communications.

Satellite internet provider Astranis used ExoTrack capabilities during the operation of its first MicroGEO satellite, GEOSat-1 and characterized the service by saying, “The data provided by ExoAnalytic was invaluable to our guidance, navigation, and control team in both navigation position fixes as well as validating flight systems.”

ExoTrack is available in four tiers that include combinations of orbit states, ephemerides, observation data, and conjunction alerts. Available now, solutions range from $1,000 to $4,500 per satellite.

“It’s exciting to see our robust service having an immediate impact for operators,” said Dr. Douglas Hendrix, CEO of ExoAnalytic Solutions. “Our early adopters have proven its usefulness with their antenna calibration activities, station keeping operations, slot relocations, geostationary transfer orbit circularization, and safety of flight planning.”

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