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Agile Framework.
Rapid Analysis.

The Simulation in Python for Space Entities (SPySE) is an agile, collaborative, and open framework for analysis. The SPySE framework can rapidly adapt to changing requirements, address unanticipated questions, generate data visualizations as needed, integrated external data sources and tools, and enable in-house modifications and development. SPySE leverages open source community software and tools, and enables community contributions. The framework supports classified plugins and portions are maintained by the US Government at different security classification levels.

SPySE is primarily used for space mission planning, ops training, and wargaming. As a constructive modeling and simulation tool, it enables quick-turn analysis for offensive and defensive space control questions. Orbital engagement maneuvers can easily be modeled, tested, and assessed to determine the best Courses of Action (CoAs) against known or postulated threats. The 3D visualization capabilities allow a deep understanding of the complex geometries and constraints of a space engagement. The advanced features of SPySE make it a unique and powerful tool.


  • Entity-component model
  • Discrete time step execution
  • Simulation editor and configuration tool
  • Component reloading at run-time
  • 3D visualization
  • Cross platform