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All domain operations.
Theater-level scale.

SEAS offers a powerful agent-based modeling environment that allows the analyst to simulate the complex, adaptive interactions of opposing military forces in a physics-based battlespace. Agents (units and platforms) execute programmable behavioral and decision-making rules based on battlespace perception. The interaction of the agents with each other and their environment results in warfighting outcomes, enabling military utililty assessments.

The programmable and constructive nature of SEAS allows the analyst to create models with varying degrees of fidelity, resolution, sophistication, and complexity. While SEAS is typically used for scenario-based military operations research involving aircraft, satellites, ground vehicles, communications systems, weapons and sensors, its flexibility enables it to be used to analyze a broad range of complex adaptive systems, not just military scenarios.


  • Agent-based modeling framework
  • Integrated development environment
  • Space, air, land, sea domains
  • Programmable agent behaviors
  • Physics-based battlespace
  • AFNIC certified