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Modern space sector innovations are making space access more affordable and technologies more ubiquitous. Space Situational Awareness (SSA)–the ability to monitor, understand and predict natural and man-made objects in orbit around the Earth–is more important than ever. By providing the world’s premier SSA operation, ExoAnalytic Solutions helps maintain the health and safety of space as a unique natural resource with persistent, automated, and real-time SSA solutions.

The ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network (EGTN) is a global commercial SSA telescope network with more than 25 observatories and 200 telescopes tracking man-made space objects in multiple orbit regimes. Our telescopes regularly detect, track, and correlate objects in geosynchronous Earth orbits (GEO), highly elliptical orbits (HEO), and medium Earth orbits (MEO). The EGTN passively collects both angles and brightness measurements (RA/DEC and apparent magnitude) that can be provided in commercial bulk or as part of a focused service.

Our telescope network is powered by the ExoAnalytic Space Operations Center (ESpOC) software suite. The ESpOC command center enables automated command and control of individual telescopes, and remote command and control of all network sensors. ESpOC automatically integrates and fuses data from multiple sensors in real-time to enable closed-loop tracking and catalog maintenance. Unique ESpOC visualization capabilities provide real-time, full-motion video by overlaying all collected data for a full-sky common operational picture.

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ExoAnalytic Solutions maintains a unique, robust, and independent catalog of satellites and debris. Using data from the ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network, we routinely track, catalog, and maintain custody of thousands of space objects. Observation data is continuously correlated to objects in the catalog as it streams into the ExoAnalytic Solutions command center from our global sensors. This unique capability provides a variety of SSA services and supports tools that enable our customers to produce their own catalogs.

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The ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network collects more than 8 million measurements per month of man-made satellites and debris. Our sensors collect angular astrometric (RA and DEC) and photometric visual magnitude measurements. Customers who seek to maintain a catalog or keep an eye on their high-value assets rely on us to provide the highest quality data in the world on-demand.

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As operators of the world’s premier SSA telescope network, ExoAnalytic Solutions is uniquely positioned to support a wide variety of space industry needs. Our team of SSA professionals offers custom solutions for satellite operations throughout the spacecraft lifecycle. These services include launch monitoring, conjunction analysis, warning and secondary screening, anomaly detection and resolution. We also regularly provide customized services designed to help satellite operators ensure safety and cost-effectiveness.

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