Common Operating Picture. Not so common.

CAE9 facilitates planning and ops execution with all-domain situational awareness.

We developed the CAE9 engine to enable real-time operating pictures, data analyses, and decision aid tools focused on the integration of space, air, land, sea, and cyber domains.


We developed an application kit for rapid tool development, designed to be flexible across a wide variety of deployment platforms, data environments, and user requirements. The CAE9 web application engine enables hybrid 2d/3d common operating pictures, wargames, dynamic presentations, embedded visualizations, and more. Information design, data visualization, and fusion/integration layers are key objectives of the engine’s core use-cases. The CAE9 engine is a powerful and unique capability that provides the following three things:

1) An agile environment that can be rapidly extended to capture new analysis services and data sources, including transparent and flexible builds to a large variety of user platforms and devices
2) A high-quality visualization environment for hardware-accelerated graphics used to display and interact with a wide variety of data sources and types

3) Real-time data visualization and information design; NOT an analysis or simulation. CAE9 is intended as the integration target for analysis services, not a replacement.

  • Lightweight core engine rooted in proven open-source technologies
  • Collaborative, network-enabled integration of user experiences and data pipelines
  • Adaptable deployment options (web pages,  mobile devices, standalone executables)
  • Advanced hardware-accelerated graphics for WebGL enabled 3d applications
  • Flexible and reusuable entities across applications, including 3d object models; data services; interface components/controls; and interchangeable physics models across all domains
  • Support for scripted scenarios, sim-over-live, event/alert messaging and integration with domain-specific, high-fidelity modeling and simulation tools