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Project Description


Five years ago, we set out to create the best astronomy software in the world, software that would revolutionize the way telescopes are used to track man-made space objects. Today, the ExoAnalytic Space Operations Center (ESpOC) software suite is used to power the world’s premier telescope network that supports government, commercial, and civil organizations around the world providing services we had not even dreamed of when we started.


The ESpOC command center enables remote, automated, closed-loop, command and control of all network sensors. ESpOC automatically integrates and fuses data from multiple ground-, air-, and space-based telescopes in real-time. Real-time multi-sensor fusion enables the automated closed-loop tracking of our customers satellites as well as maintaining a catalog of known and sometimes unexpected objects. Network data is displayed to the command center augmented reality view in real-time with full-motion video overlaying our catalog.


The ESpOC sensor operator package turns any telescope into an SSA machine! ESpOC technology supports any optical sensor design configuration and has been used on more than 100 different telescope and camera configurations. Telescopes running ESpOC have automated:

  • Image registration (position accuracy)

  • Image calibration (brightness accuracy)

  • Man-made space object detection (find all objects)

  • Object correlation (know what they are)

  • Catalog maintenance (know where they are)

  • Orbit updates (know where they are going)


Our BMC2 tools are battle tested on a network of ~170 sensors and have supported steady state and emergency satellite operations for over 3 years. ExoAnalytic BMC2 enables the efficient and effective allocation of sensor resources to provide rapid space situational awareness, and to rapidly recommend appropriate operator responses to events in space. Our ESpOC sensor status suite (ESpOC S3) provides real-time observatory and sensor availability and performance conditions. ESpOC Task Manager is a dynamic sensor tasking algorithm that delivers tasking via machine-to-machine interface for all network sensors. Our Ontological Sensor Management and Adaptable Real-Time Tasking (O-SMART) module, developed for the Missile Defense Agency, optimizes tasking across the detect, track, characterize process while adaptively responding to environmental changes, evolving threat assessments, and changing priorities.