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ExoAnalytic develops and uses a variety of modeling and simulation tools for engineering, engagement, mission and campaign-level analysis of defense and space systems. Our innovative modeling and simulation technologies are used by the defense, space and intelligence communities. We are a recognized modeling and simulation leader with deep domain expertise and experience applying our software tools on studies and problems of national importance.

SEAS – The Impact of Space on the Battlefield

The System Effectiveness Analysis Simulation (SEAS) is an agent-based military utility analysis tool developed by ExoAnalytic to enable researchers to quantify the impact of space systems on the 21st century battlefield. SEAS has been in use for over 20 years and was designed specifically to give military operations research analysts and decision makers a flexible means to quickly explore new warfighting capabilities, with an emphasis on modeling Space and C2 systems. The unique ability of SEAS to represent networked military units and platforms reacting and adapting to perception-based scenario dynamics in a 3-D physics-based battlespace enables analysts to quantify the impact of space systems to the warfighter. The insights gained from SEAS analysis helps guide acquisition decisions for space force modernization. SEAS is part of the Air Force Standard Analysis Toolkit and the Air Force Space Command Modeling and Simulation Toolkit.

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SPACE BRAWLER – The Development of COAs to Protect Space Assets

ExoAnalytic develops and maintains Space Brawler, an integrated set of space control mission analysis models developed for use in SEAS. Space Brawler provides a simulation capability that allows operators and planners to examine scenarios and Courses of Action (COAs) in a dynamic and realistic operational environment, conduct tactical-to-mission level operational planning, develop and analyze COAs in response to contingencies, ensure evolving threats can be met with the optimal configuration of space capabilities, and ensure the acquisition of these capabilities is within available resources.

SysTRAAK – BMDS Performance Simulation

SysTRAAK models end-to-end system performance of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS).  SysTRAAK simulates the key elements of the missile defense system including OPIR, airborne IR, ground-based radars, and interceptors working collaboratively to quantify a range of measures of performance including probability of engagement success. SysTRAAK is a discrete event simulation. Specifically, it is an end-to-end system performance functional model designed to test system performance and to verify and validate system requirements. It controls time, propagates a constellation of satellites, schedules sensors, generates object sighting messages based on included threat scenarios and satellite positions, produces a 3D track, commits interceptors, determines engagement success, and maintains data on all significant events.

Exo6SIM – High Fidelity Modeling of Space Object Signatures

Exo6Sim models the signatures of complex objects (including missiles, satellites, interceptors, debris, etc.), and generates high-fidelity focal plane images as viewed from infrared and visible sensors.  Each simulated object is propagated in 6 degrees of freedom, and each surface of the object is thermally modeled using its specific heat, hemispherical spectral emissivity, and known environment.  Radiative, reflected solar, earthshine, and albedo signature components for IR and Visible wavebands are calculated for each surface according to its Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF).

Space Enterprise Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Toolkit (SEMSAT) – Space System Performance and Evaluation

ExoAnalytic Solutions has developed a comprehensive suite of MS&A tools to characterize and evaluate the performance of space systems. This toolset provides the breadth and depth of capability needed to perform a range of analysis tasks including resilient capacity evaluation, mission assessment, analysis of alternatives, requirements evaluation, CONOPS exploration, system performance analysis, and detailed engineering modeling. Our SEMSAT capability has been employed to evaluate space-based Intel, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Global Positioning, and Satellite Communication systems, and to assess architectures and concepts for Space Situational Awareness and Space Control missions.