ExoAnalytic Solutions is continually working on technologies for which there is currently no market for in which we feel there is future business potential. The ExoAnalytic Space Operations Center (ESpOC) and its associated tools and technologies are a primary example of this, as there was no immediate market or business case for a commercial SSA capability when we started research and development in 2011. Today, the ESpOC is the critical capability enabling the fastest growing business segment at ExoAnalytic Solutions. Below are some examples of technologies currently under development that we believe will make a great impact in future emerging markets.


ExoAnalytic Solutions has developed a suite of plasma simulations using particle in cell, magnetohydrodynamic and Ohm’s law hybrid particle models to simulate the physics in a fusion reactor. Our simulations are used to research and develop concepts for commercial fusion energy, which holds the promise of nearly limitless clean energy.


ExoAnalytic Solutions has developed hydrodynamic simulations that can accurately model the physics of turbulent flows that occur over the air-frames of aircraft and missiles.  Our simulations have been used to study advanced concepts for commercial supersonic and hypersonic aircraft. Aeronautical engineers believe hypersonic planes flying at 7 to 15 times the speed of sound will someday change the face of air and space travel.