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Achieving Mission Success, Together


We are working together and supporting each other, and the nation, in the fight against COVID-19. Our priority is to keep our employees healthy and safe, at work and at home, and we are providing expanded resources to support them with the increased challenges we all face.

During this time of crisis, our employees are continuing our mission-critical work for our customers, in support of national security. We take great pride in our mission and we are committed to doing what we do best: solving tough problems.

The health, safety and well-being of our employees and their families is our top priority.

To safeguard employee health, we’re requiring telecommuting for those able to do so, providing the resources and guidance on how to navigate working from home while staying connected to the larger company culture and community.

For those whose work requires them to come in person, creating a safe workspace is paramount. Social distancing, staggered shifts, adjusted work areas, daily temperature checks and face coverings are just some of the ways that we are protecting our employees.