The commercial space industry has rapidly become a complex market, with nearly 1,000 companies worldwide seeking to profit from innovative products or services developed for space. The number of organizations that depend on space-based services is even larger. This diverse ecosystem of companies, business models, and services offers amazing opportunities to improve end-user quality-of-life and expand the human frontier.

We believe that the benefits of traditional and NewSpace services will positively impact many lives. At ExoAnalytic Solutions, we offer support for such space operations by providing stakeholders with the ability to view, understand, and predict the physical locations of objects in orbit around the Earth. This helps our customers avoid collisions, reduce radio frequency interference, and improve satellite operations.

The sustainable, cost-effective provision of services from space cannot take place without rigorously-safe operations. We help commercial space operators, operating in multiple orbit regimes, improve their safety of flight by providing a variety of services that utilize our global network of ground-based telescopes. Our global telescope network covers objects from Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), to Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO), to Highly Elliptical Orbits (HEO).

Satellites are never more vulnerable than during launch and early orbit operations. The use of low-thrust propulsion systems in particular has increased both the time for spacecraft to reach their final orbits, and the difficulty in tracking them from launch through initial operations. ExoAnalytic Solutions provides dedicated launch, geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO), and early orbit tracking services to mitigate these risks.

The drive to deliver more content, more bandwidth, and more services in an ever-more competitive market is increasing operator focus on fuel-efficient operations, satellite co-location, and other innovative techniques. ExoAnalytic Solutions supports cost-effective operational excellence through a suite of tailored services and proven, data-focused, approaches to operational command and control.

Every stakeholder in the commercial space industry, whether tradition space or NewSpace, has a vested interest in safe satellite operations and very little margin for error or uncertainty. For mature companies, we provide tracking data that can be seamlessly integrated directly¬†into your flight dynamics process. For emerging space companies, we also provide a suite of tools to help jump-start your flight dynamics team’s efforts to be best-in-class space operators.

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