ExoAnaltyic Solutions researchers are committed to fundamental research that is driven by our curiosity and focused on delivering solutions to the toughest problems our customers face. Using our proven technology development, testing, maturation, automation, and operational transition process, we have revolutionized missile defense and space situational awareness programs. Our mission-centric layered data model technology development structure explicitly identifies the full spectrum of data available from raw sensor data to actionable information. Further, it identifies the tools and techniques that are appropriate to use at each layer of the data model, the types of data they will be using, and the types of questions they are suitable to answer.

Our advanced algorithms span the full spectrum of missile defense, space situational awareness, and optical sensor processing challenges:

  • Image registration and calibration
  • Dim object detection / Clutter suppression
  • Closely spaced object (CSO) detection
  • Orbit determination and validation
  • Automated light curve generation
  • Signature and feature extraction
  • Target characterization / Object correlation
  • Object change detection
  • Stability and dynamics validation
  • Track updates and catalog maintenance
  • Anomaly and maneuver detection
  • Conjunction / Reachable volume warnings
  • Indications and warnings of space object events


Many of our advanced algorithms are a result of our participation in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. These programs are designed to stimulate technology research by small businesses while providing the government with cost-effective technical and scientific solutions to challenging problems. ExoAnalytic has been awarded several SBIR and STTR contracts by the Missile Defense Agency and the Air Force.

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