Exo Leadership

William Therien

Executive Vice President, Engineering

William Therien

Bill Therien is Executive Vice President of Engineering at ExoAnalytic Solutions. In addition to his corporate executive role, he serves as president of the Commercial Space Sector. Mr. Therien oversees the development and operation of the ExoAnalytic Space Operations Center (ESpOC) which commands and controls Exo’s global network of 275+ telescopes on five continents to collect over 10 million observations of resident space objects per month. The space situational awareness data from this system is used by the U.S. Air Force, the Intelligence Community, commercial satellite operators, and other commercial and international organizations to track and characterize known and unknown satellites and debris. Mr. Therien is responsible for the maturation and transition of the company’s software and advanced algorithm technologies from the prototype phase through testing to operational software in fielded systems for Missile Defense and Space Surveillance missions.

Prior to joining ExoAnalytic Solutions in 2009, Mr. Therien developed high fidelity simulations and image processing algorithms at Northrop Grumman for electro-optical and radar sensors used in missile defense applications.

Mr. Therien earned a B.S. in Engineering and Applied Science from the California Institute of Technology.