Model of space-track satellite orbits and Uncorrelated Tracks as observed by the ExoAnalytic Solutions Ground Telescope Network over the course of 1 day on September 15, 2016. View is from 90 degrees Latitude. Lines of observation from the telescopes are uniquely colored for each individual telescope to attempt to differentiate sources of observation and uncorrelated observations are left to briefly dwell on the animation. Orbits are color-coded by total observations from red (more than 2) to green (more than 100) to blue (more than 1000). The observation tally for each orbit is displayed as a spike rising out of the orbit scaled at an additional 10 km altitude per observation. Similar observation tallies at a smaller scale are displayed rising from the telescope sites for each telescope to display its own contribution.
This same day of observations is displayed from a 90 Longitude view (“2016-09-15SunshineAdagioDMinorEquatorial90Longitude.wmv”) and in an inertial rotating Earth view in “DanceInTheDark2016-09-09.wmv”.